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CNC Milling titanium blader parts,CNC Milling Part to use a hardened steel or carbide cutter to prevent wear and ensure accurate cuts. CNC Milling Part The cutting parameters should be optimized for each different operation to ensure the best possible res


Good quality cnc milling titanium blader toy part

Part material :Titanium grade 4 (TC4)

Machining type :Micro cnc milling

Surface treatment: glossy Polishing 


Part application: Toy

Material machining capacity : Aluminum ,brass ,copper ,bronze ,steel ,titanium ,magnesium ,plastic

Export rate:98%

Main market: Europe ,America ,Australia ,Asia

Sample order or bulk order all are well take care of

Competitive Factory made price

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Product Details

Rich experience on cnc milling and cnc turning titanium material

Quality Control: 100% inspection ,submit dimension inspection report and part Photo before shipping

 Each part is carefully packed to avoid scratch on part surface

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 Our technical staff can assist you in finding the right machining approach,and cost effective solution for your manufacturing needs.