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On Damand Manufacturing-Prototyping to Production Service

XuFeng is one-stop service and manufacturer which provide a wide range of service including CNC Machining, Rapid Tooling, Plastic Injection Molding, Metal Sheet Fabrication, Die Casting as well as a range of finish services. Moreover,  with professional project manangement, we accompany your ideas and projects from the first second to series production and delivery according to your needs. as a result, we rely on long-term cooperation with our coustomers. Contact us today to see what we can do!

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How to work with us


Contact Us

To start, simply select amanufacturing process and sendusdesign files

We can accept the following filetypes

Parasolid(.x_t or.x_b)
.stl files

Get Quote

Within 24 hours, we'll send youreal-time pricing by quote file. Along with accurate pricing,ourinteraictive quote will call ouranydifficult to manufacturefeaturesbased on themanufacturing process and providesuggestions from our experience.This canrange from difficult deepholes on machined parts to moldundercuts and so on.



Once we agree on our offer andplace your order. we'll start themanufacturing process.Our engineer recheck the designfiles and make a detailedprocessing plan. .For mold, we'll provide DFMreportand TPR Tooling Processeveryweek to let our clientsknow thesituation of the work.We offer a variety of finishingoptions for all manufacturingservices. These can range frompowder coat finishing andanodizing to basic assemblyandthreaded inserts.


Quality Test and Part Shipment

Quality Control:

Raw miaterials inspection
First ariticle and in-processin spection
Final inspection and testing with reports and certification

We have Quality Guarantee If client get negative parts, we willmake new ok parts and freight paidby our company.

After QCchecking, we'll send your shipment quickly and safely by airor by sea base on your requirement, just sit back andrelax to receive your part.