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Rapid tooling Service

We offer rapid tooling service, when parts demand quantity is hundreds to thousands, you will need to consdie this service and when your demand items are similar structure, types are many and demand quanity is not big then quick Turn Tooling.

Rapid tooling for plastics and Die Casting of metal (Aluminum alloy or Zinc Alloy).

Also we has stable surface treatment partner with different finishing like sand blasting, texture, painting, powder coating and so on, depending on our customers' requirements. We can make tool life to be 5k to 100ks or more. So if you have such project coming, you are welcomed to inquiry us freely .

What Is Rapid tooling

Rapid tooling is starting to be used to create molds for commercial operations,to simplify the mould structure for low cost & short lead-time.

Rapid tooling provides a way to quickly provide molds to moulding the required products for low volume production demand.

apid tooling material usually are Al7075 and Pre-hardened P20 tool steel.

Additionally, in the product development cycle, after rapid prototype approved which requires some intermediate tooling to produce not big quantity parts for marketing . Rapid Tooling becomes more and more important to nowadays manufacturing industry.

Rapid Tooling vs Conventional Tooling?

Tooling time is much shorter than for a conventional tool. With a 40-60% reduction in lead-time compared to traditional moulds; tooling cost is much less than for a conventional tool. Cost can be 30-50% cheaper than full production tooling

The main challenges are tool life is much less than for conventional tools and tolerances are not tight than for conventional tools.

Metal material, lifespan and leadtime for rapid tooling

We manufacture our rapid toolings in material aluminium, P20, NAK80 and S136 tool steel, which can be run in a standard injection moulding machine to produce production quality parts in low-volumes.

P20 prototype tooling for volumes up to 50,000+ shots.

NAK80 or S136 prototype tooling for volumes up to 100,000+ shots.

Prototype tooling in 5 to 28 calendar days.

Advantages of Rapid Tooling

Tooling Lead-Time get short - it will shorten from months or weeks than Conventional Harden Tooling

Low Cost - reduced Cost from material, MFG

Allowing real trials ,Allows functional test of parts on initial design stage

Many design faults are debugged before mass big production, so many design failures are avoided.

Rapid Tooling Constraints

Tool lifespan is much less than conventional harden tools

Rapid molding parts's Tolerances can not be so tight as conventional tools.

Rapid Tooling