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stamping of steels and metals,CNC Turning Part.Metal stamping can be used to produce a wide variety of components, from small parts for electronics to large automotive parts.


Xu Feng is a metal stamping manufacturer with equipment and expertise optimized for high-volume custom metal stamping production meeting ISO 9001 quality standards.

Our custom metal stamping service uses a combination of high-speed presses, single or progressive dies and multi-slide presses to provide the most cost-effective solution for high volume manufacturing.

We offer:

  • Complete Range of Precision Metal Stamping

  • Fully Automated Stamping Presses

  • Parts - Simple and Complex Shapes

  • Metal Stamping Presses Ranging in Size From 20 to 100 Tons

  • Simple Blanking Tools to Complex Progressive Stamping Dies

  • In-House Tool and Die Department

  • Engineered Customized Dies

  • Value-Added Assembly Services

Please contact us to learn why we are the strategic partner of choice for optimal metal stamping services at an outstanding value.

Product Details

part material: Brass

surface: smooth and deburr

manufacture steps: laser cutting and stamping

dimension checking for each step

free fumigation wooden box package to avoid part deformation during shipping