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precision medical machining, CNC Milling Part. It involves the use of various cutting and finishing techniques to create CNC Milling Part with extremely tight tolerances, exact measurements, and smooth surfaces . These techniques provide the accuracy and


Custom cnc precision medical machining parts with high quality at good price!

Machining type:CNC milling

Surface: fine sandblast and anodize blue


Data we can offer COC,Material Certificate,Dimension Inspection Report,ROHS Report,CPK Report

Export to Switerland

Main market: Europe,America,Australia,Aisa

Factory made good price

Product Details

Profession in manufacturing cnc precision medical machining parts over 10 years!

Pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

Parts are 100% inspection before shipping

Quality promise: if our clieng received negative parts we will make good ones to replace also freight paid by us

Salesman offer fast communication

Our material machining capacity : Aluminum,brass,copper,brozen,steel,titanium ,magnesium,plastic