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cnc plastic machining small parts, CNC Milling Part. process is often used to create highly accurate and complex CNC Milling Part parts with tight tolerances. It can also be used to shape and form softer materials like foam and rubber.


precision cnc plastic machining service for small size parts


Part material:PA66+Glass fiber 30%

Machining type:CNC milling

Surface: polishing ,Ra0.8


Export rate:98%

Main market: Europe,America,Australia,Aisa

Sample order are welcome

Product Details

Precision cnc plastic machining service many years!

From Raw Material incoming to products shipment, we manage every step of the manufacturing process to insure products are made to the clients specifications

Quality promise: if our clieng received negative parts we will make good ones to replace also freight paid by us

Engineer experience is over 10 years

Salesman offer fast communication