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prototype manufacturing plastic case parts


prototype manufacturing by cnc machining

Part material: ABS white

Part Name: ABS plastic case

Machining type :CNC prototype
Surface Roughness:polishing Ra0.8
Precision:within 0.05mm
Part application: Package box

Material machining Capacity : Aluminum ,brass ,copper ,bronze ,steel ,titanium ,Tungsten ,magnesium ,plastic

Strict quality inspection: self-inspected during production, flow inspectors and professional inspectors


Product Details

Prototype manufacturing realize your part design fast and cost-saving

Ptototype manufacturing way: 3d printing,cnc machining,vacumm molding

Always pay attention to details like each part is carefully packed to avoid scratch on part surface

Salesman offer Fast and effective communication and constant after-sales severice

 Our technical staff can assist you in finding the right machining approach,and cost effective solution for your manufacturing needs.