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micromachining plastic diving Products,CNC Turning Part. These products are designed to provide a comfortable and safe experience for divers, as well as to protect them from the elements. Many of these products are designed with specialized features that


 High quality Micromachining precision plastic diving ABS parts 

Part material :POM black

Machining type :Micromachining of cnc milling

Surface treatment: Ra0.8


Part application: Precision diving parts

Material machining capacity : Aluminum ,brass ,copper ,bronze ,steel ,titanium ,magnesium ,plastic

Export rate:98%

Quality Control: 100% inspection ,submit dimension inspection report and part Photo before shipping

No matter prototype or mass production all are well take care of

Product Details

Micromachining precision parts factory

Minimum tolerance can be controlled within 0.01mm

Rich Experience on  Machining of Plastic pats in Material POM,ABS,PP,PE,PA66,PC,PMMA.

POM material for diving parts can be bear big pressure in deep water.

Each part is carefully packed to avoid scratch on part surface.

Fast and effective communication and constant after-sales severice