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4 axis cnc milling spherical parts,CNC Milling Part.The tool is used to create a hemispherical dome shape on the part. The part size and shape will determine the size of the ball end mill used. The CNC machine will rotate the part as the tool is moved alo


high quality 4 axis cnc milling spherical parts

Part material:POM Green and Al6061

Machining type:4 axis cnc milling

Surface: fine machine surface


Export to Poland

Main market: Europe,America,Australia,Aisa

Sample order are welcome

Factory made good price

Product Details

CNC milling ,we has 3-axis,4-axis cnc milling machine

Material machining capacity : Aluminum,brass,copper,brozen,steel,titanium ,magnesium,plastic

Pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

Quality promise: if our clieng received negative parts we will make good ones to replace also freight paid by us

Engineer experience is over 10 years

Salesman offer fast communication