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Milling part with powder coating,CNC Milling Part.Milling a part with a powder coating is possible but requires additional steps that may increase the cost and lead time of the project. The part must be machined to the desired shape and size, then pre-tre


Item Name :                 custom aluminum milling turning part powder coating black

Material:                       AL2024

Machining type:           cnc turning and cnc milling & drilling

Tightest Tolerance:      +/- 0.02mm

Product size:                customized

Surface Treatment:      powder coating black

Packaging :                 wrapped with pearl wool, bubble film,cartons

Quality Control:          100% inspection before shipment

Machining Times:        15~20 days for 200 sets

Product Details

Profession in manufacturing custom aluminum milling turning part 

Pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

Quality promise: if our clieng received negative parts we will make good ones to replace also freight paid by us

Engineer experience is over 10 years

Salesman offer fast communication