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3D Printed Prototypes to Injection Mold-Ready Designs,CNC Turning Part.3D printed prototypes are an essential part of the product development process.Once the 3D printed prototype has been finalized, the design can be optimized for injection molding.


Plastic injection mould is widely used for the high-volume plastic parts

Unfortunately, the time and cost for tooling moulds are often intensified by factors, such as:

  • Design mistakes that need the mould to be correctly remade or,

  • The need to make several iterations before achieving a final part quality and design.

Having these concerns in mind has made manufacturers begin to include the usage of 3D printed moulds for the creation of functional injection moulding prototypes.

3D Printing is the most advanced technology that allows you to create any physical object from digital models. After testing the prototype, you can confirm the design of 

the part is correct or not.
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Product Details

The material used for the 3D print is list as below, choose the close material of your part

1. Engineering plastics

ABS, PC, nylon, etc.

2. Photosensitive resin

3. Rubber materials

different colours can be chosen