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cnc machining wheel parts services,CNC Milling Part.CNC machining is the process of using computer-controlled machines to shape, cut, and create parts. CNC machines are capable of producing parts with extremely tight tolerances and complex geometries.


we offer professional cnc machining service over 15 years,export rate is up to 98%

Part material:Al7075

Machining type:CNC milling

Application:Wheel parts of outdoor sport part

Surface: fine sandblast and anodize black (Al7075 's anodize is not stable for other color except black with our experience


Export Market :France

Sample order are welcome

Factory made good price

Product Details

Our cnc machining service includes cnc milling and cnc turning service

Pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

Part application: skateboard

Engineer experience is over 10 years

Salesman offer fast communication