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Acuurate Non Contact Infrared Themometer


Multi-Purpose Acuurate Non Contact Infrared Themometer 

Working environment: Ambient temperature:16.0℃~ 35.0℃ Relative humidity:≤85%;                               

Battery voltage:DC3.0V (two AAA batteries)

Product Dimension:137×97×40mm

Product Weight:95g                                                   

Measuring range:34.0℃~ 42.9℃ (BODY mode)

                               0℃~100℃  (OBJECT mode)   

Measuring distance:1-3cm

Measuring time:≤2 sec                                                         

Tri-color backlight:

34.0℃~ 37.3℃:Green backlight

37.4℃~ 38.0℃(-0.1℃):Yellow backlight

38.1℃~ 42.9℃:Red backlight

Auto off:≤18 sec                                                           

-20℃~ +55℃, Relative humidity:≤93%

Product Details

Medical part Acuurate Non Contact Infrared Themometer 

Plastic Shell by plastic injection molding.

Themometer is equipped with exceptional micro-chip and a high sentitity sensor,

you will get an accurate reading in 1 Second.

Non-contact measurement ,avoid across infection.

Exceptional microchip and a high sensitivity sensor accuracy is +/-0.2℃ 

Package datails

Unit weight: 95g     

 QTY/CTN: 80 PCS                MEAS:475*460*353mm   

 Gross weight/CNT: 15KG