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What Dangers Should you Pay Attention to in CNC Precision Machining?

Jun. 18, 2020

We all know that if the machine tool processing is inadvertently operated, it may cause danger. In the actual operation process, there are many small processing plants due to inadequate management and inadequate management. Occasionally, tragic events occur, so what dangers should CNC machining pay attention to? The following is introduced by CNC Machining Cutting Service Supplier:

CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts

First, the probability of danger of the transmission device in actual operation is relatively large. The transmission of the machine tool is generally composed of gear components, transmission chains and transmission belts. If these components are not fully considered in the design of safety, there is no design protection The exposed part of the rotating layer is very likely to entangle the worker's hand or clothes into the device and cause injury.

Second, the pressure parts of the pressure machinery may cause danger. The common common punching machines, crushers, molding machines, shears, etc. are all pressure machinery, because most of these devices require manual operation, and manual operation is avoided It is not impossible to cause human errors due to personnel fatigue or emotional fluctuations, so it is also very prone to injury.

Third, the danger from the machine tool is also a danger. Because the machine tool is mostly a high-speed cutting machine, it is very dangerous. Factors such as cutting tools, splashing, and improper operator station position can cause personal injury. accident.

Around us, CNC machining is a very superb and complex technology, which plays a very important role in CNC mold processing. If we want to master such a technology, there are many things we need to know and understand. For those who do not understand CNC machining, it is difficult to grasp the degree in operation, and often encounter many difficulties. In order to better use the operation, we need to master certain skills and knowledge. CNC machining, also known as computer gongs, CNCCH, or CNC machine tools, is actually a name from the Hong Kong side. Later, it was introduced to the mainland, which is actually a CNC milling machine. It is called "CNC machining center" in Zhejiang, and its application range is extremely wide. Compared with other processing technologies, it has more advantages. Important We have mastered the following skills, which can be more smooth during processing.

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