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What Causes the Deformation of Precision CNC Machined Parts?

Mar. 21, 2020

During the processing of hardware and mechanical parts, the deformation of parts is very easy to occur. In the process of machining, the shape change of mechanical parts is inevitable, but we must control the range of mechanical deformation of parts. The internal force of CNC Machined Parts is an important factor that affects the accuracy of machining. During the machining process, affected by the lathe's four-melon chuck, some parts will be affected by the clamping force. This kind of centripetal control can promote Reasonable processing of parts by machinery. During the processing of mechanical parts, it is also affected by the inner radial force. In order to ensure the tightness of the mechanical parts, the mechanical parts processing company must do a good job of controlling the size of the mechanical cutting to ensure the improvement of the overall clamping force of the machine. To meet the requirements of actual machining work.

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

In the machining process, in addition to ensuring dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, we must also pay attention to parts deformation caused by external forces. Regarding deformation, we must first understand the cause of this problem.

The first thing to note is the deformation of the parts caused by external forces. There are two main reasons for this. First, in the process of Precision CNC Machined Parts, the part will change the direction of the force due to the cutting force. The reason for this change is the lack of rigidity of the part itself, and the part will be deformed due to the force. Deformation is generally obvious. When pressed by a force, the part will obviously protrude in the direction of the force, and serious deformation will occur, resulting in the inability to perform the next operation. The part cannot meet the expected requirements and becomes a non-conforming product.

The second is the thermal deformation generated during the cutting process. During the processing of precision parts, the blade and the blank will have severe surface contact, and the contact point will inevitably become high temperature. If the appropriate cooling method is not used, coupled with the poor heat dissipation of the tool, the wear will increase, and the poor heat resistance of the material and The contact point is hot, so deformation will occur during the processing of precision mechanical parts, making the product unable to reach the required shape.

The third reason is the deformation of the part during clamping. The part must be clamped before processing, which is also a major reason for the deformation of the part. When the part is clamped, the appropriate clamping point and clamping force must be selected. The selected clamping point and the support point of the part should reach The number is the same. If there are several clamping points on a part, one should pay attention to the order of clamping and the various forces of clamping. If it is not handled properly, deformation will easily occur during machining.

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