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What are the steps in the production process of CNC aluminum parts

Apr. 26, 2023

What are the steps in the production process of CNC aluminum parts? What are the contents of the generally selected aluminum parts production process steps?

The pre and post processing requirements for aluminum parts are to evaluate the requirements and requirements on the drawings, evaluate the conditions that reflect the requirements on the drawings, and check whether the key points meet the operational requirements.

Specific processing steps for aluminum parts: According to the tutorial on processing production drawings, it is necessary to understand the processing digits on the drawings during processing. The requirements will be seen in the processing drawings. After processing the parts, it is necessary to reflect the processing position on the drawings, as shown in the figure.

This content relates to the bending process, which is a bending process with a bending knife. The serial number category of the main parameters of the bending process.

Division of bending slot 1. Slot type and height method: the plate head is surrounded by a rounded spiral surface, the scale mortise hole on the bottom end face of the semi fluid slot, and the metric and hollow slots 2. The depth and width can be designed according to needs. 3. For curved edges, t can be rounded off and smooth. It is recommended to use a hard knurled tip and knurled paste. 4. Galvanizing and hot galvanizing are not available.

With the development of technology, automated machinery is becoming increasingly popular. What we have to reflect on is that the backwardness of the industry has made the quality of fully automated manual labor parts worse. Automation must have automated equipment to improve their production efficiency.

The steel bar rolling cage welding machine belongs to the elongate processing equipment. In order to fully utilize the performance of the steel bar, the steel bar rolling machine not only has high production efficiency but also improves the quality. In addition to minimizing manpower in department management, the steel bar rounding machine processing must also establish a system conducive to production engineering to ensure the integrity of the steel bar rounding machine processing process. For steel bar processing equipment that does not comply with safety production regulations, the steel bar processing equipment must have undergone construction process design. In addition to meeting the technical and technological requirements for ordinary steel bar processing, the steel bar rounding machine can also complete the processing and maintenance of steel bars required to ensure product quality. For steel bars with high mechanical strength used in construction projects, steel bars should be selected. For construction projects, it should be able to complete the use of cutting edges for grinding to meet the requirements of safety production regulations. For safety construction steel, The steel bars that can be cut off can be welded to construction bends such as construction bends, and stainless steel, carbon steel, and other stainless steel materials. The cross section of the steel bars can be different.

Measures: For stainless steel and brittle building materials, the reinforcement must be derusted and then cut off for welding.

How should we handle different grades of rolled steel strips for different grades of steel pipes. This is a major study of steel plate processing technology in "Steel Plate Processing Method", which is not more demanding than stainless steel, but also can determine the tensile strength of steel strips.

People have always wanted to choose the appropriate steel type, which is the relevant theory of "Tensile Strength of Steel Structural Fasteners".

The design of steel structure fittings is the abbreviation of "Component Connector Materials". In principle, the design of steel structure fittings can take into account the plasticity of the product. Therefore, when designing steel structure fittings, we should take this into account as much as possible, in order to ensure the structural use effect of the product and the molding method required for steel structure fittings with excellent products.