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Which country has the strongest manufacturing technology for CNC aluminum parts

Apr. 26, 2023

The market is becoming increasingly complex, with various situations occurring. If the selection is not appropriate, after the product is put into the market, it can only rely on price competition, which is likely to lead to product scrapping and scrapping. Price competition, some products will eventually disappear,

With the continuous development of science and technology, the market is increasingly focusing on product quality, simplicity, accuracy, and quantity. Therefore, there will be automatic punching machines, or punching machines with some equipment such as automatic punching machines. What is the working principle of automatic punching machines? If the automatic punching machine does not need to process holes, it can be the addition of mold values, as well as the addition of molten steel, which can achieve better punching results. Let's take a look at the working principle of the V-type punching machine: Automatic punching machines are comparative punching holes, which require only placing smaller plates in the mold and working through the punching machine. The working principle of automatic punching machines is: Automatic punching machines are comparative punching holes, In addition to having sufficient space for devices, it is also necessary to consider the number of molds. Inadequate capacity also requires automatic punching machines with multiple processes such as mold waste disposal and automatic punching machine stamping and bending.

The company's main punch products: small punch, open punch, high-speed punch), frame open punch, C-type punch; Functions: Automatic fixed length punch, gantry punch, table punch, six punch, guide punch.

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The processing of non-standard parts in the lithium battery industry attaches great importance to the issue of dimensional tolerance and conforms to relevant tolerances, so the surface finish is better than that of the electroplating industry.

1. Dimensional accuracy Mechanical machining is superior to casting technology, with a high tolerance level ensuring that the dimensional tolerance can reach ± 00015, and the machined surface roughness is low, generally reaching Ra ≤ 004 μ m. Under the same tolerance, the size can be greatly improved, with a large diameter and length of the machined surface and a reduced tolerance factor of up to 15~30MM, improving the surface finish and depth by about 5 μ m。