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The secret of obtaining the best quotation for CNC aluminum parts!

Sep. 01, 2023

The secret of obtaining the best quotation for CNC aluminum parts! A major breakthrough in CNC machining technology! Within three years, due to insufficient mechanical strength, stiffness, processing accuracy, and processing efficiency required by the market for complex processes, some products are ultimately required to use lower equipment to enter the market.

CNC aluminum parts processed in large quantities with high accuracy are required to have relatively high quality and high-quality CNC equipment, such as high-quality processing equipment such as drilling, tapping, honing, and polishing, which requires high accuracy, especially in the recent 5 years.

The machining surface of a part is composed of numerous geometric shapes, and the surface roughness Ra and the geometric shape of the ball screw are the same as those in the design drawing. As long as the working principles of our four machining goals, projection, transmission, holes, and cutters are complex enough, the required surface roughness can be adjusted through the system to achieve advanced correspondence. On the other hand, the turning process of parts also has repetitive requirements. In terms of complex trolley machining technology, it is increasingly difficult to master the rotating tool path with an additional 45 ° inclination. The transmission system of the feed system is equipped with a support point of the transmission system, with a handle force and gravity less than 1, resulting in gear blank accuracy. The turning process of parts generally involves two axes of end milling and drilling. In addition, the geometric angle of the tool and the shape of the spiral groove on the supporting surface of the tool used should also be noted about its circumference.

This viewing angle is generally presented with multiple layers of spacing to ensure that after insertion, the spiral angle is reversed and visible to the expansion of the linear spherical membrane.

First, cut the tubes in sequence, then insert the tubes marked in sequence into the slots of the NC, repeat the 30 ° orthogonal recording simulation of the break angle on the dial in the order of 30/60, and then perform a step by step inspection of the staggered areas simulated by the orthogonal recording according to the total oblique number of 30 ° C. Finally, the degree values of the common iron focal points at the staggered ends simulated by the orthogonal recording are checked step by step according to the total number of oblique angles of 30 ° C. Finally, confirm the simulated orthogonal record list to standardize the break angle on the dial, and select the allowable defects in the wrong portion for level by level inspection.

B. Use non separating offsets, such as those that affect protruding or misaligned parts. If it has an impact on the section, you can replace the offset portion, convert it to an uneven fillet, and then adjust it.

Annealing and visual inspection of the die opening are beneficial to reducing the thinning of the hair embryo, especially paying attention to issues such as aperture and size.

Heat treatment deformation is a common problem encountered in castings, which can include various aspects such as cold working, hot working, quenching and tempering, and heat treatment.

The preparation of molds requires thorough quenching after quenching, and the steel used can basically achieve better heat treatment results.

Since the birth of casting production and processing, all forgings, steels, alloy additives, etc. have adopted excellent chemical composition. All forgings and die forgings are made of good metallurgical quality materials and undergo heat treatment and reprocessing to ensure high hardness, strength, and wear resistance, making the alloy relatively soft, dust-free, high-temperature, and corrosion-resistant.