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How to Select CNC Turning Part Manufacturer

Sep. 04, 2023

How to choose a CNC Turning Part manufacturer - XuFeng, after years of manufacturing sheet metal parts and CNC technology research and development, pursues perfect appearance and exquisite highlights, and is deeply loved by customers.

Today, the Langfang Mazak Mold Steel Spot Sales Department is building a brand demonstration workshop for everyone to introduce SPR system solutions.

Specializing in mold manufacturing, automotive prototypes, stamping parts processing and other various molds and stamping parts; High gloss rapid metallization parts processing, a third path easy to use, full efficiency mold production process; R&D, production and sales of digital molds and accessories, German Aiqi CNC molding tools, stamping molds, die-casting molds, blow molding molds, stamping molds, die-casting molds, mold standard parts, measuring tools, cutting tools, precision hardware, stamping parts, gauges, cutting tools, fixtures, cutting tools, card solutions, etc.

Mold design and manufacturing are the foundation of industrial production. Mold manufacturing itself is not the object of parts assembly, but rather the combination of designing and manufacturing injection molding processes and implementing molds. Only if the mold design is appropriate, the task of mold manufacturing is all inclusive.

Equipment cost=mold cost+equipment depreciation cost+estimated material cost for design. Learn about the mold manufacturing process, the selection of commonly used materials, the costs required for mold manufacturing, and processing costs are all contracted through enterprise cooperation and communication between the government, industry, and industry.

Technology intensive metal stamping molds are one of the industries that have developed rapidly in the field of mold production in China in recent years. They have gradually shown a trend of high-end, large-scale, and sophisticated development, becoming an important force in promoting China to become a powerful mold manufacturing country.

Currently, the development characteristics of the domestic metal stamping mold industry are obvious, with large, precision, and complex products becoming the mainstream of the industry. The technological content will continue to improve, and the manufacturing cycle will continue to shorten. The production of stamping parts processing mold will continue to develop in the direction of informatization, digitization, refinement, high-speed, and automation, with significant improvement in the industry's comprehensive strength and core competitiveness.

Analysis and Summary of the Development Status of the Domestic Stamping Die Industry: Electric Welding Series - Stamping Bending Machine Series - Pipe Bending Machine Series - Peripheral Motor Series - Precision Testing Series Preferred IPG Power Adapter Mainstream Switch High Temperature Power Adapter No Guide Sleeve Series Sold Shuochao Piping Series - Combined Type_ Intelligent manufacturing of customized precision hardware stamping parts - Shenzhen Shuo Superman.

Type C high-speed punch is used for production processes such as stainless steel, 304, 316, 321, etc. It is the best choice for mainstream high-speed presses in current (international) enterprises.

(4) Bottom dead center: Resistance to strong (R) failure mode hardening phenomenon Punch position or depth Punch angle 035 (R) Punch assembly height value Height value (UN.

F1 (mold handle) unpunched hole is a method of repairing the back punch bar by directly inserting the mold handle into the hole position of the mold handle. Generally, after punching the hole, there will be no brush coating. Then, through processes such as edge folding and rib punching, the remaining removable edge strips will be removed.

FZG-GZG-2 ultrasonic cleaning machine is applied to hardware, mold, machinery, electronics, electrical, water treatment, chemistry, pump valve, electroplating, passivation, and smoke.

1、 Principle of grinding, polishing, and passivation: In the grinding and polishing direction, in the counterclockwise direction, the centrifugal force of the centrifugal force acts on the stainless steel, and the stainless steel will also appear in a smooth state.