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The CNC milling parts industry has changed

Sep. 04, 2023

The CNC milling parts industry has changed due to technical principles, and manufacturers are changing their lengths. Yichun is becoming faster and faster.

As the media industry with the highest productivity in the world, China must first become a leading industry in the world's tool and hardware processing industry and become a major tool producer in the world. However, due to the growth of market demand and scale, sheet metal processing enterprises seem to have encountered the following problems.

In our view, the psychological weakness of the market to be understood, as well as national policies, continue to stimulate and support the market demand for tools and hardware, and encourage tool manufacturers to achieve high quality and efficiency; During the period, tools and hardware will be on the path of strategic development, realizing the entire industry from the procurement and sales of materials to the entire organic economic market.

With the development of the hardware tool market, in the context of promoting economic diversification and strategic revision, tools, molds, tools, production equipment, and costs have increased sharply, making the tool and hardware market increasingly competitive and cautious; Due to product diversity, suddenness, exchange rate, bottle mouth, and foreign trade response, products are high-quality and inexpensive, making tools, molds, and tools a highly efficient processing tool in short supply, highly favored by manufacturers and host manufacturers; As users, tools can also be used with other tools, providing a significant cost advantage for developing new products. The tool products on the market include: 40-50 milling cutters, drill bits, milling cutters, drilling and milling cutters, saw blade milling cutters, thread cutters (milling cutters, taps, milling cutters, mold opening tools, connecting tools, electrical discharge machining tools, electrochemical tools); Milling cutter, drill bit, tap, saw blade milling cutter, hob, gear shaper cutter, scale reamer, rubbing cutter, tool handle, spindle assembly accessories, etc.

2. It should be equipped with high-precision and high-quality imported CNC tools, such as routers, tungsten titanium gun drills, KV Yi Electronics, RFdc milling cutters, and LV quick connectors.

Tool type, specification and accuracy, brand, hardness, durability, performance, hardenability, thermal stability, hardenability. According to customer requirements, we can design M, SYC, J, S zones, compensation zones, cooling ditches, heat treatment, and other accessories. We can process the position, height, mold edge Y, smoke, and seal height of valves and gates according to customer requirements.

The method of quenching and machining is one of the four stages of the machining process, and these two processes are also one of the key factors that affect the processing quality and efficiency. The selection of tools for quenching copper is compatible with the material of the workpiece, which reduces the processing cost. As it is used for processing two workpieces, standard tools can be used.

The most suitable part of processing is to layer and then segment. The workpiece needs to be completed with a jig, and can only be loaded and completed after being split.