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What is the Selection Method of CNC Machining Tools?

Jul. 03, 2020

As a CNC Machining Cutting Service Supplier, share with you. The choice of CNC machining tool The choice of tool is made under the technical condition of human-computer interaction technology written in the machining center program. The tool and collet should be used according to the processing center's professional capabilities in production and processing, the characteristics of the raw materials of the commodity products, the production and processing production process, the cutting performance and other related factors.

CNC Turning Parts

CNC Turning Parts

The general specification for CNC machining tool selection is: easy and fast installation and adjustment, good bending rigidity, wear resistance and high precision. In consideration of the necessary conditions for production and processing requirements, try to choose a shorter collet to improve the bending stiffness of tool production and processing. When selecting a tool, make sure that the specifications and models of the tool are consistent with the surface specifications and models of the workpiece of the product to be processed. In the production and processing, alloy milling cutters are often used for the production and processing of the surrounding corridors of the parts of the plan design drawings; when drilling the plan design drawings, the carbide tool cutter blade turning tool should be taken; when producing the die base and concave groove, the tool is selected Steel alloy milling cutters; when producing rough surfaces or preliminary holes, you can choose corn turning tools inlaid with carbide tool cutter blades; for the production and processing of some platform profiles and variable-angled wheelhouse design, ball cages are often used Turning tools, circular turning tools, cone turning tools and disc turning tools.

In the random slope production and processing, the top cutter of the ball cage tool is durable to zero. Therefore, in order to ensure the production and processing accuracy, the milling line spacing is generally very close, so the ball cage is more common in the deep processing of the slope. The round mouth tool is better than the ball cutter in terms of surface production and processing quality and high milling efficiency.Therefore, if it is necessary to ensure the cutting, whether it is the initial processing or deep processing of the slope, the round mouth should be selected first Knife.

In addition, the wear resistance and accuracy of CNC machining tools have a great relationship with the price of the tool.As far as possible, it should be noted that in most cases, the choice of a good tool increases the cost of the tool, but it leads to production. The improvement of processing quality and high production and processing efficiency can greatly reduce all production and processing costs. In the production and processing management office, various kinds of tools are installed on the CNC tools, and the attitude of tool selection and tool change is strictly carried out at any time according to the regulations. Therefore, standard collets are used as much as possible, which is conducive to the standard tools used in drilling, boring, expanding, drilling and other production processes can be quickly and accurately installed on the lathe spindle or CNC tool. Our company also has CNC Turning Parts for sale, please contact us.