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What is the Safe Operation of Precision Metal Processing?

Jun. 28, 2020

As a Custom Aluminum Milling Parts Factory, share with you. People often hear the saying "safety first, prevention first" in daily life, which shows that safety has become a very important social topic. Safety depends on the joint efforts of society, and safety also depends on the prediction and prevention of dangers. With all preparations, we can take preventive measures. No matter what we are doing or what we are about to do, we must understand that safety Is the top priority. So what important safety operation rules should be paid attention to when performing precision hardware processing? Let us take a look below:

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

1. Precautions for safe operation before entering precision hardware processing:

When performing precision hardware processing, the operator must maintain the correct posture and need full energy. When operating, it is necessary to concentrate on the mind, prohibit chatting, and need to cooperate with each other. The operator must not operate the machine in the state of irritability and fatigue. For personal safety, to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. Before entering the work position, all employees must check whether their clothing meets the requirements of the job. They must not wear slippers, high heels, or clothing that affects safety. Those with long hair must remember to wear safety helmets.

2. Precautions for safe operation that need to be checked before precision hardware processing:

Before the machine works, check whether the running part is filled with lubricating oil, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine idly for 1-3 minutes. When the machine is found to be faulty, it is forbidden to operate

3. Precautions for safe operation in precision metal processing:

During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to extend your hand into the work area of the slider, and it is forbidden to take and place the workpiece by hand; when you take and place the workpiece in the die, you must use tools that meet the standards. Turn off the power switch immediately to check. After the machine is started, one person transports the material and performs the mechanical operation. Others are not allowed to press the power supply or step on the foot switch board. For the safety of others, they should not put their hands in the mechanical work area or touch the operating parts of the machine.

4. Precautions for safe operation of precision metal processing start-up machinery:

You must wait for all other personnel to leave the machine work area and remove the debris on the workbench before you can turn on the power and start the machine.

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