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How does the Precision Machined Component keep the parts strong?

Nov. 04, 2019

      The principle measures for improving the strength of parts are: using high-strength materials, heat-treating materials to improve strength and reducing internal stress, controlling the processing to reduce or eliminate micro-defects, etc.; trying to reduce the load on the parts; increasing the dangerous section of the parts The size of the section is reasonably designed to increase the moment of inertia of the section; the structure of the part is properly involved to reduce the concentration of stress.

  CNC precision machining refers to the high precision marked on the production and processing drawings, which requires the completion of precision machining equipment. Ultra-precision processing equipment mainly includes CNC machining center, precision grinding machine, and CNC lathe.

Precision CNC Machined Box Parts

Precision CNC Machined Box Parts

  The first premise of Precision CNC Machined Box Parts is the accuracy of the process reference. The benchmarks on the mechanical drawings are represented by capital letters A, B, C, D, etc. with a specific circled reference symbol when the reference marks are aligned. The extension of the surface and the surface or the size limit of the surface indicates that the surface is based on the surface. The dimension line that is aligned with the reference symbol is based on the physical centerline of the dimension.

  CNC machining process and working principle:

  1. Division of process and work steps; determination of tool points and tool change points;

  2. Determination of processing route; selection of processing method and determination of processing plan;

  3, the reasonable selection of the machine tool, the choice of different models of the accuracy of the workpiece;

  4. Installation of parts and selection of fixtures;

  5. The selection of the tool and the determination of the cutting amount;

  6. Process analysis of CNC machining parts and reasonable processing technology.

  Then, as a Precision Machined Components Manufacturers, I would like to share with you the general surface roughness of CNC machining. Generally, the average machine tool is about 3.2, and the high-speed machine can achieve a finish of 1.6. Pay attention to the tool used in machining. And cutting parameters.

  Is the surface roughness value of the part smaller and finer?

  1. About the profiler and the roughness meter The profiler and the roughness meter are not the same product. The main function of the profiler is to measure the contour shape of the surface of the part.

  For example Dongguan Kaicheng Precision Hardware Co., Ltd. CNC machining of the groove depth, groove width, chamfer (including chamfer position, chamfer size, angle, etc.), the straightness of the surface of the cylinder surface and other parameters. In short, the profiler reflects the macroscopic profile of the part.

  2. The function of the roughness meter is to measure the surface processing quality of the grinding/finishing process on the surface of the part. Generally speaking, the surface of the precision metal parts is not well processed (the old national standard of roughness is called smoothness), ie Roughness reflects the microscopic condition of the machined surface.

  Before the CNC Precision Machined Component, you must clearly understand the process flow, clearly know the parts, shapes, drawings and dimensions of the workpiece and know the processing contents of the next process. Before processing the raw materials, the blank size should be measured to meet the requirements of the drawings. Care must be taken to check whether the placement is consistent with the programmed instructions. After the rough processing of the machining process is completed, a self-test should be carried out in time to adjust the data with errors in time. The self-test content is mainly the position size of the processing part.