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Precautions for exporting CNC aluminum parts

Jun. 02, 2023

Precautions for Exporting CNC Aluminum Parts Goods Exporting Dongguan Aluminum Parts Processing Exporting Dongguan Hardware Stamping Parts Waveform Aluminum Parts Processing.

Dongguan Machi Hardware Products Factory was established in 2007. It is a professional hardware products and processing trade enterprise integrating the manufacturing, production, sales, and service of sheet metal parts, cutting machine parts, and electronic and electrical accessories.

Our thinking primarily focuses on the development of mechanical equipment, while the development of hydraulic pressure focuses on flexible manufacturing technology, taking into account many advantages. Let's elaborate on the development pace of our sheet metal parts, cutting machine parts, and assembly welding machine parts in combination with their respective development.

Under the premise of simplifying the labor force, China is constantly developing new processes, optimizing the layout of equipment, and striving for the technical configuration of aluminum profiles; Grasp key quality points and reduce thermal deformation tolerance of aluminum profiles; Team management is orderly and convenient.

Ankang philosophy: Break through the "hidden challenge" of aluminum factories for more than 5 years, continue to promote domestic enterprises to improve their product level, achieve a good start in the industry, and establish a corporate brand image.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously expanded its business scale. We always adhere to a strong product development system with excellent quality. Having passed the "2013" Renovation for 38 years, it has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad.

◆ Improve the establishment of customer service support, and ensure the after-sales system. "We do not introduce them repeatedly throughout the year, and if there is a reason, we can provide customers with preferential parts and accessories.".

◆ Free installation and debugging, convenient and fast maintenance. Our after-sales experts can receive 50% of the electricity (in an emergency).

◆ Do not rush or rain stage, there is no need to malfunction at any time. Personnel should pick up two or four bags of money from the machine tool to prevent injury accidents or damage to equipment.

◆ It is not allowed to pick up the cutting head by hand, and the user is not allowed to put out the fire without replacing it. Manual removal of hand entry devices is not allowed.

◆ After using the cutting machine for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the operating surface of the machine tool and the buttons on the hands, otherwise it cannot be used normally.

◆ The key to cutting quality is contour cutting. After contour cutting is completed, it should be cleaned by a punch in a timely manner, and it is not allowed to stop on the table of a milling machine or lathe.

◆ The installation position of the cutting machine should be far away from the target part to ensure smooth roads for the machine tool, and there should be no possibility of endangering safety.

◆ The development of cutting technology should comply with the development needs of the market, and adapt to the processing technology of parts that are analyzed from CAD drawings, automatically generated processing programs, and designed.

◆ Characteristics of laser rapid prototyping machine: 1. High melting speed: The laser beam heats the workpiece, making it high in hardness, capable of 3D printing, and fast in processing.

◆ Laser sintering system: Laser sintering 3D printing 4D printing: Laser printing does not deform and has high energy of light radiation.

◆ Laser melting and cutting 5D printing with 6 degrees of freedom Laser melting and cutting plates Vertical cutting can cut plates of any shape.