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To improve the effectiveness of CNC aluminum parts products, attention should be paid to these data

Jun. 01, 2023

To improve the effectiveness of CNC aluminum parts products, we need to pay attention to these data. If we simply manufacture products, enterprises may assess the impact. Therefore, equipment technology for non urban sheet metal processing definitely needs our attention, and only in this way can we achieve better use results for sheet metal equipment.

At the site of Guosheng Weiye, we can see that manufacturing companies have very high requirements for product accuracy, and here, the overall ordering of sheet metal processing equipment is likely to fail to meet his usage requirements. Therefore, we can find these potential customers through various ways to find the most suitable products for them.

So when it comes to sheet metal processing, it is necessary to carry out the process in a planned manner. First, ask everyone if they are ready. Let's figure out if there will be any thoughts here. This requires us to work harder!

Arc pressure treatment shall be carried out before welding for sheet metal processing, as such arc pressure treatment process also has a significant impact on the welding quality, so attention shall be paid to the treatment when processing welding.

During welding of sheet metal processing, full consideration should be given to the stability of pneumatic, hydraulic, and air sources, and whether the welding method is correct depends on the welding method of the welding material and its welding quality, which require technical assurance from skilled workers.

In fact, various considerations regarding the welding quality of sheet metal processing require us to firmly establish our responsibility for welding. With only an understanding of welding quality, the quality of our products will become better after they have been welded to sheet metal.

Precautions for sheet metal processing and welding: Preparation before sheet metal processing and welding: When selecting the thickness of embedded parts for sheet metal processing weldments, factors such as their model, specification, main purpose of fusion welding, temperature range, and material should be considered.

The voltage and welding machine power of different sheet metal parts may vary, so it is particularly important to meet the urgency of processing current and voltage at their most cross sections during sheet metal processing.

For different weldments, the quality of sheet metal processing products is also different, so the selection of different current and welding machine power is also different.

Choose different current intensities. For example, 25KVA, 35KVA, or even 38KVA.

One of the factors that affects the quality of the weldment is that the welding penetration cannot be too large, nor can the weldment be relatively high.

The main welding methods include electric arc welding, high-frequency welding, and ultrasonic welding. The most common defects of discharge defects are structural hole cracking, weld burst, and thick welds on the back are prone to cracks. The penetration length is generally 5~10mm, and the selection of welding flux is from 6 to 6 directions, suitable for deep welding.

Let's first understand what an electromagnetic valve is. The working principle of an electronic induction machine is to place a workpiece that can be used to protect a distance of less than 05mm into the electromagnetic chamber. When the automatic start button is pressed, the switch quickly stops. Turn off the power supply Pay attention to turning off the power supply and turning off the power supply. The switch is on a stainless steel tip, and when the power is turned off after the switch battle, the solenoid valve automatically stops working. There are usually two types of button switches: one is a magnet induction motor, and the other is a magnet induction motor.