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How much more should you know about Precision CNC Machined Parts?

Feb. 24, 2020

Friends who know Precision CNC Machined Parts know that precision machining is a very strict process. Regardless of the cutting tool or other processes, the accuracy and size are very strict requirements. So what are the requirements and standards that must be followed when machining precision parts to ensure a low or even zero defect rate? The CNC Machined Components Manufacturer introduces the specific requirements and standards for precision component processing:

How much more should you know about Precision CNC Machined Parts?cid=3

Precison cnc machined parts

For precision parts processing, there are mainly dimensional requirements, such as what is the diameter of the cylinder, there are strict requirements, and positive and negative errors are qualified parts within the specified requirements, otherwise they are unqualified parts; length, width, and height also have specific strict requirements, Positive and negative errors are also stipulated. For example, if an embedded cylinder has a diameter that is too large to exceed the tolerance range, it will cause a situation where it cannot be inserted. If the actual diameter is too small, the lower limit of the allowable negative value will be exceeded. Will cause the insertion is too loose, and the problem of instability occurs. These are all unqualified products, or the length of the cylinder is too long or too short, which is out of the allowable range of errors. All of them are unqualified products and must be discarded or reprocessed. This will inevitably cause an increase in cost.

The requirement of precision parts processing is actually the most important dimension problem. It must be processed strictly in accordance with the additional drawings. The actual dimensions processed will certainly not be exactly the same as the theoretical dimensions of the drawings, but as long as the processing dimensions are within the tolerance range Inside are all qualified components, so the requirement for precision component processing is to strictly follow the theoretical dimensions.

Said so long precision machining! Today, how do we implement precision machining under popular science? What are the necessary conditions?

1. In terms of hardware, there are many types of mechanical equipment for machining mechanical parts, such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, and broaching machining centers. The inherent machining accuracy of various equipment is different, so to achieve precision machining, It depends on how high the accuracy of your parts is. Choose the corresponding process route and equipment accordingly;

2. In terms of software, it is the skills of operators, which involves the operating skills of operators of various equipment. These skills include in-depth understanding of equipment, understanding of mechanical processing, understanding of processed parts and materials, etc. Skills can be slowly accumulated in normal work. The key to the operator's skills is practice, and the theory must be understood.

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