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How to Control the Accuracy of Mold Processing?

Feb. 17, 2020

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In the mold processing process, the factors that affect the accuracy of the mold mainly include the following aspects: manual errors in processing, machine tool programming problems, machine tool mold defects, and so on. There are various reasons for these accidents. The most frequent accidents are caused by poor manual processing, which ultimately leads to a decrease in accuracy. This is mainly due to workers' inattention during work, irregular operation, and inadequate technical mastery, which lead to deviations in the accuracy calculation of the mold and affect the accuracy of the mold. In addition, the problem of machine tool control programming is mainly due to the CNC machine The programming program is in an open loop and cannot fully exert its intelligent control function. In addition, factors such as inaccurate selection during the mold processing and insufficient accuracy of the mold itself also restrict the accuracy of the mold processing process.

CNC Aluminum Milling Parts

CNC Aluminum Milling Parts

Specific strategies to enhance mold processing technology

In order to improve the mold processing technology, the research direction needs to focus on the following aspects: First, to optimize the precision control method of mold processing, to avoid some related problems caused by the inadequate process design and operation specifications during the processing. Second, select the appropriate auxiliary processing tools and control the entire processing process; third, do a good job of optimizing CNC machine tools, control the processing strength of the mold, and ensure the accuracy of Auto Part Plastic Injection Mould processing.

In addition, in order to better control its accuracy, it is necessary to pay attention to several small work details based on the combination of mold processing accuracy, and standardize the operation process based on this: First, improve the processing technology of the mold, and make it according to the processing requirements. More professional. At present, although some mold processing personnel have skilled operation skills, there are major problems in the accuracy of mold processing. Therefore, the professional skills of operators should be strengthened, regular business training should be carried out, the application of new technologies, new processes and new materials should be strengthened, the overall technical level of mold processing personnel should be cultivated, detailed working habits should be developed, and the emergence of processing exemptions should be avoided. A series of questions. Secondly, during mold processing, regular inspection and maintenance of mold production equipment should be conducted to avoid instability of the mold during processing, which will affect the accuracy of mold processing. Thirdly, it is necessary to adjust the numerical control coding parameters in accordance with actual construction conditions to ensure reasonable construction.

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