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How to Find a Suitable Milling Cutter and Milling Method for Mold Processing?

Feb. 11, 2020

As a CNC Milling Supplying Factory, share with you.

In order to extend the life of the tool, in the face milling process, try to avoid the tool from passing through the hole or interrupted part on the workpiece. When the face milling cutter passes through the middle of a hole on the workpiece, the tool is down milling on one side of the hole and up milling on the other side of the hole, which will cause great impact on the insert. This can be avoided by bypassing holes and pockets when programming the tool path. By choosing the proper milling cutter angle, size and feed method, the tool can cut into the workpiece material with minimal vibration and tensile stress, and know in which case milling is more effective than drilling, and the manufacturer can be efficient Low-cost processing of workpiece blanks into exquisite parts.

CNC Turning Milling Parts

CNC Turning Milling Parts

Vibrations and solutions during CNC Aluminum Milling Parts:

① Feed and cutting speed are too fast. Correct feed and cutting speed.

Solution: Correct feed and cutting speed

②Insufficient rigidity (machine tool and tool holder)

How to solve: use better tool holder or change cutting conditions

③ The back angle is too large

Method: change to smaller rake angle / machined edge band (grind the blade with oil stone once)

④ Loose clamping (workpiece)

Method: clamping the workpiece

⑤ Cutting is too deep, solve: Correct to a smaller cutting depth

⑥ Force length and length are too long

Deepen the shank clamp, use a short knife or change the cutting conditions

Hardware processing manufacturers know that the temperature environment of the equipment processing will have a great impact on the requirements of the processing technology. Overheating will cause deformation of the workpiece and seriously affect the processing quality of the parts, especially for copper products. The requirements are very high, because the cutting process of copper parts is easy to heat up;

During the processing of precision parts, processing will cause a lot of heat sources. Processing machinery, processing tools, and parts to be processed are easily affected by this temperature deformation. The accuracy of CNC machinery, the accuracy of tools, and the accuracy of processed parts will be affected. Under the action of heat, relative displacement will also occur between the workpiece and the tool, resulting in processing deviations, which will affect the accuracy of processing;

Processing accuracy is a reflection of the company's hard power for machinery and hardware processing manufacturers. Why do users choose more authoritative and professional processing companies to cooperate? The purpose is to pursue the stability of processing accuracy and stable processing efficiency, and to meet customer delivery cycles. However, the accuracy error due to thermal deformation has been high for many processing manufacturers for many years, and even reached half of the processing of some special parts;

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