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Do you know How to Wash your Hands?

May. 19, 2020

In daily life, it is very important to pay attention to personal hygiene. We must keep our bodies clean and wash our hands frequently. Many people are still unclear about the importance and necessity of hand washing.  with break out of covid -19 virus, washing hands frequently is getting more important to help you avoid infection virus.

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Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

The importance and necessity of hand washing

1 The hand is the part where the human body is most exposed to bacteria. Regular hand washing is necessary to keep the hand clean and away from bacteria. The hand is the part of the body most often exposed to bacteria (microorganisms). If you eat with dirty hands, you will most likely get sick. There are many diseases that are spread through dirty hands, so it is necessary to wash your hands. At least about 15 to 20 seconds to wash your hands so that all dust and dirt particles can be completely removed. Bacteria not only cause infection, but also spread the disease from one family member to another. Therefore, it is necessary to wash hands to remove bacteria. If you want the health of you and your family, you should develop the habit of sucking hands. This habit is really good, it can make everyone comfortable and healthy. Some common problems, such as colds, diarrhea, and flu, are caused by bacteria. No one wants to get these diseases. Bacteria-contaminated hands can spread bacteria to the mouth, eyes, nose, body, etc., thus becoming a source of many diseases and destroying your health.

How many seconds to wash your hands?

2 The total hand washing time should be at least about 30 seconds to achieve effective cleaning. When most people wash their hands, most of them just simply and quickly rub their hands and back of their hands, thinking that they have completed the task, but they have not washed them thoroughly.

How to wash your hands properly?

3 Generally follow the following seven steps to wash your hands for effective cleaning: 1. Wash your hands with a water tap. 2. Add lotion or soap and rub out the foam with your hands. 3. Carefully rub the palms of your hands, the back of the hands, the inside and outside of the nails, the fingertips, the tiger's mouth, and the wrists with each other. Rub at least 10 seconds before flushing. 4. Rinse with running water for at least 10 seconds. 5. After wiping completely, rinse your hands thoroughly with clean water. 6. Dry your hands thoroughly with a dry towel or paper towel, or blow dry your hands with a hand dryer. 7. Do not touch the tap directly after washing your hands properly to prevent dirty hands again. Wrap the faucet with a hand towel or pour water on the faucet before washing it off.

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