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Currently, CNC Turning Part foreign trade enterprises face four prominent difficulties

Aug. 31, 2023

Currently, CNC Turning Part foreign trade enterprises face four prominent difficulties: 1. Copying a single production line with a large inventory for emergency restocking, small batch development and shortage of new products; Other operations that are difficult to meet the requirements, such as: single production lines used for emergency restocking, small batch new product development, and shortages; Other operations that are difficult to meet requirements, such as unmanned operations, single production line, multiple order updates, or other abnormal production scheduling.

3. If the operation is difficult to meet the requirements, such as the need to complete both manual operation and mechanical protection, monotonous and complex operation, it is necessary to use various buttons for programming, debugging, maintenance, etc.

5. If the program is not adjusted properly, processing errors are likely to occur. 6. If an accident occurs due to improper use, it is necessary to modify the parameters.

There are more and more cars, and the safety of use is increasing. However, safety is an important reason many accessory manufacturers can rely on. Safety must come from the hands of employees.

During the safe use period, the supplier is primarily responsible for use safety, but there may be some unexpected accidents. The safe use of work for 24 hours has been eliminated.

What are safety standards? Many people know that some people say that one employee buys too much by randomly spraying their fingers, but that's not the case. Just two hours less is enough, while some people want to buy two more hours?

Personally, I believe that safety is the lifeblood of personal safety, and there can be a relatively solid guarantee to meet the specified usage requirements.

Industrial products should have quality standards, and those without quality standards should not be certified to better perform the right process.

"What is heat treatment the most significant performance of stainless steel technology? It can affect the quality of steel parts. We can design a bend, or anyone who uses it must know that heat treatment is the most essential performance of stainless steel technology.". The topic of heat treatment is based on residual hydrogen embrittlement. This is not to say that this metal is based on cold deformation, but rather on the true critical level. Therefore, cold deformation will be more prone to corrosion than austenitic stainless steel. Stainless steel experts predict that at high temperatures, corrosion is strong; When cold deformation is serious, it can be slightly keyed in using a tool; When cold deformation is serious, tools can be used to roughen it out; The softening depth is rotated several times in the coaxial direction with the cold formed surface; There is no rebound on the cold formed surface. Therefore, during cold deformation, tools suitable for austenitic stainless steel materials can be selected.

Anodic oxidation refers to the localized film of metallic or non-metallic materials that have oxidation ability under certain conditions within a certain range, and is a popular surface treatment solution.

The hot melt cracking of non ferrous metals can be further avoided by cooling from the generation of thermal cracks in the inner holes of steel or its machined parts.