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cnc aluminum jig parts,CNC Milling Part.They can be used for a variety of applications, such as constructing tools, mounting components, and creating frames. CNC aluminum jig parts are often machined to tight tolerances for precise and repeatable performa


High quality cnc aluminum milling parts with andoise blue

Part material:AL6061

Machining type:CNC milling

Surface: fine sandblast and anodize blue ,laser engrave date mark

Application:Jig parts on injection machine


Export to Australia 

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Product Details

Profession in manufacturing high quality cnc aluminum milling parts 

Pay high attention to details like good surface no scratch,dent ,packing well no damage during shipping

From Raw Material incoming to products shipment, we manage every step of the manufacturing process to insure products are made to the clients specifications

Part application: sensor parts for injection machine

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