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Environmental Requirements Standards for CNC Turned Parts Production

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1. CNC turning production environment temperature: CNC turned parts production requires a temperature of between 15°C and 25°C for optimal results. CNC machine tool Temperature control is essential for maintaining high-quality production standards,To ensure the working accuracy of CNC machine tools production parts.

2. Humidity requirements for working environment of CNC machine tools: studio Humidity levels should remain between 40% and 60% relative humidity So as to ensure that the CNC machine tool maintains the best state in the production of high-precision parts

3. Air quality in the working environment of machine tools: When the machine tool is working to produce high-precision parts Air quality must be monitored to ensure that particulates, dust, vapors, and other contaminants do not interfere with the production process.

4. Special lighting for CNC machine tools: CNC machine tools in the process of producing parts Adequate lighting is essential for CNC turned parts production, Because it can carry out accurate measurement and inspection, reduce the occurrence and existence of accidents in the production process

5. CNC machine tool vibration: CNC machine tools are working on the production of precision parts Vibration levels must be monitored To ensure that the machine tool is not affected by any external factors during the production of parts.

6. CNC machine tool cleaning: The working area of CNC machine tools must always be kept clean and tidy to avoid any potential contamination of high-precision parts produced, thereby improving the high-quality and high-efficiency production of machine tools.

7. CNC machine tool production safety: The production safety of CNC turning parts is the top priority, so all personnel must strictly abide by the safety production regulations of CNC lathes and abide by production labor discipline and relevant production rules and regulations