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Xufeng Tool Tech New Website Launched

Sep. 18, 2019

Xu Feng is happy to announce the launch of our new website! This website has been redesigned to keep with trends in website development and the online environment.

In addition to the page layout change, there are some new functions have been or will be implemented in the new version website:

.Social Link and Sharing
We have embedded our company’s social page link on the top and bottom of each webpage. If visitors want to interact with our company, they can simply click the social link and then can visit our social page.

There are also social sharing function for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (Google +), and so on, embedded in the single product page and single news page.

More Informative Product Page
The single product page has been changed a lot to make it be more informative. The product photos can placed as many as needed, and the detail of the picture can be reviewed by a magnifier function.

Right to the product photo area, there is a space for brief description of this product, which it can give visitors know the some of the key features of the product quickly.

And below the product photo and brief description columns, it’s the detailed product description. This area also can be split into several small parts by adding multiple tabs. Such it will help visitors know where to look for the information they want quickly.

We would like to hear your voice about our new website!
There are still many small changes which help improve user friendliness and appeal. Please contact us and let us know if you have any suggestion or advice about our new website. Thank you!