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why choose us as a customized excellent parts of robotic exoskeletons supplier

Jul. 15, 2022

First of all, thank you for coming to read this article, we are honoured to have the opportunity to show you our excellent work of us today.

We are excited to share the good news with you that the first prototype is ready for our clients to inspect.

Well, robotic exoskeletons sell like a hot cake in the U.S and also in China. I just read the trending news about it, which said 4 billion RMB will get from this field in 2025.


So the first thing I'd like to give you the basic knowledge of robotic exoskeletons

Robotic exoskeletons are wearable electromechanical devices that have been developed as augmentative devices to enhance the physical performance of the wearer or as orthotic devices for gait rehabilitation or locomotion assistance.

Robotic exoskeletons involve sensors, actuators, mechanical structures, algorithms, and control strategies capable of acquiring information to execute a motor function


As we are a manufacturer focused on the customized CNC machining service for over 15 years, we had an incredible line-up for this production season, as we finished 4 different mechanical structures of exoskeleton for our clients, though the structure is complex and has very tight tolerance of all the parts.

Because of the 10 sets of 5-axis machines that we implemented already in our factory, having such equipment helps to avoid moving the piece from one holding fixture to another on different machines, which makes it tough to hold tight tolerances.

Of course, our professional engineers play a key role in it, after years of research and development; they have accumulated rich machining experience.

Thus the result comes from the interplay of hardware and software

As I know there are many factories that also focus on CNC machining, but the problem is that our competitors don’t usually have 24/7 support as we do, and they also don’t want to spend time on new products which will cost a lot of time to communicate the progress of each step with clients in time. Now, you'll know why we are a long-term cooperation partner and why we need you as our partner.

Here is some feedback from our clients for the work we have done.

“Our engineering team is working hard on the modifications to this new product line. We tested other manufacturers and your quality was the best so we will be moving forward with your products after we complete modifications”

“We were all very impressed, we never consider a jig can look so pretty, one by one we can make their products look very professional”

“Awesome job, well done, we have no complaint. I hope the next one goes a little earlier”


Now, I want to take a minute and highlight one, we're gonna enter a very competitive market, facing cutthroat prices from multiple online marketplaces, But we've had our plan already.


So, if you are in the field, steadily increasing water current, you can contact us for more details.