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Which part should choose EDM process

Jan. 05, 2022

Due to the unique advantages of EDM, coupled with the continuous improvement of NC level and technology, its application fields are expanding day by day. It has been used to solve the machining problems of various difficult-to-process materials and complex shape parts in mechanical (especially mould manufacture), aerospace, electronics, nuclear energy, instruments of measurement, light industry and so on. Processing ranges from a few microns of the holes, groove to a few meters of large mould and parts.

1, It is suitable for machining materials that are difficult to be processed by traditional machining methods

Because the removal of the material is achieved by the action of electrical discharge thermal erosion, the machinability of the material mainly depends on the thermal properties of the material, such as melting point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, etc., and almost independent of its mechanical properties (hardness, toughness, tensile strength, etc.). In this way, the tool electrode material does not have to be harder than the workpiece, making the electrode easier to manufacture.

1) Tooling such as stamping, forging, plastic, drawing, extrusion etc., EDM can be carried out after quenching, eliminating the problem of deformation of heat treatment. The multi-cavity can be machined as a whole, avoiding the error caused by the assembly of conventional machining methods.

2) Machining of refractory materials such as high-temperature alloys in the aerospace and mechanical fields, such as jet engine turbine blades and some annular parts, requires approximately one million cooling holes, which are made of hard and tough heat resistant alloys, and EDM is an appropriate process.

3)  Micro-precision machining, usually can be used for machining the holes in the range of 0.01 ~ 1mm, such as engine nozzle, electron microscope gate hole, laser device, manual standard defect narrow slot machining and so on.

4) Machining all kinds of forming tools, templates, tools, measuring tools, thread and other forming parts.

2, Machine special and complex shapes parts

Because there is no contact relative cutting movement between electrode and workpiece, there is no cutting force in machining, so it is suitable for machining low rigidity workpiece and micro-machining. When the pulse discharge time is short, the heat-affected range of the processed surface is small, so it is suitable for processing heat-sensitive materials.

3,  It's easy to achieve the process automation

The electrical parameters which play an important role in the processing conditions are easy to adjust, which can be used to simplify the process of rough, semi-fine and finish machining.

4, The use of numerical control function can significantly expand the scope of application

Such as horizontal processing, taper processing, multi-cavity processing, using a simple electrode for three-dimensional surface processing, the use of rotating spindle spiral surface processing.

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