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How does Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Measure Temperature?

Apr. 07, 2020

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer is used in areas where infectious diseases occur. It uses far infrared rays to emit light signals to measure the temperature of the human body without contacting the human body. It has special uses during the SARS period and the bird flu period. The temperature is designed to be -50 to 480 ℃, and the low temperature measurement of minus 50 degrees can be easily achieved, and it can also be used normally in areas with low temperatures such as northeast and northwest.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

In the current epidemic situation, body temperature measurement has become the norm. It is necessary to test in the community, in the company, and in the supermarket. As long as it is a different occasion, it must be exposed to the wrist or forehead, but have you ever thought about "infrared measurement" How is the "warm gun" measured? Is the measured temperature really accurate?

First of all, the author will help you answer the temperature measurement principle of the "infrared temperature measuring gun".

The main principle is to use the infrared radiation on the surface of the object to obtain the measured temperature.

As long as the temperature of any object is higher than -273 degrees, there will be thermal radiation of thermal energy conversion to the outside. The temperature of the object is different, the energy radiated is different, and the wavelength of the radiation wave is also different, but it always contains infrared radiation. Inside, when the temperature of an object is below a thousand degrees Celsius, the strongest electromagnetic wave in its thermal radiation is infrared waves.

According to this principle, the basic temperature measurement process of the infrared thermometer is as follows: the energy emitted by the human body is collected by the optical system to the infrared detector, the detector converts the incident radiation into a voltage signal, and the voltage signal is sent to the receiving system After that, after data processing and automatic curve fitting, the temperature of the human body to be measured is finally calculated accurately, and the output is displayed digitally.

Is this method of temperature measurement really reliable?

As far as the author measures temperature every day, it is inaccurate to use an infrared thermometer to measure temperature. I need to ride a 5km trip to work every day to come to the company. Today, there is still a certain bitter cold in the morning in the north. After the cold wind all the way, The body surface temperature is relatively low, and the body temperature measured by the infrared thermometer at this time is kept at about 33 ° C, which is far from the mercury thermometer.

Facts have proved that it is an unreliable thing to talk about unreliability without using methods and test environments.

1. From the person responsible for the measurement, the first is that the infrared thermometer and the forehead cannot be too far away, otherwise the infrared radiation energy that can be collected by the infrared detector of the thermometer will become smaller, thus affecting the measurement result . The ideal situation is about 5cm to 8cm from the forehead.

2. The infrared temperature measuring gun needs to be perpendicular to the forehead as much as possible, so as to ensure that the collected infrared radiation energy is emitted from the target measurement area.

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