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What is the Method of CNC Machined Parts to Improve Accuracy?

Mar. 10, 2020

As a Metal CNC Parts Manufacturer, share with you. Machining accuracy is the parameters of the part after machining. The smaller the difference from the ideal geometric parameters of the original drawing, the higher the degree of conformity and the higher the machining accuracy. In machining practice, affected by various factors, CNC Machined Parts differ greatly from ideal geometric parameters. This deviation is the machining error.

CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts

The Gading error within a reasonable range is not to exceed the tolerance required for the design of the part. As long as the machining center is within this range, the accuracy of the part processing can be guaranteed. Both the machining accuracy and machining error can be used to evaluate the geometric parameters of the part. The size of machining errors can affect the level of machining accuracy. Through effective control of machining accuracy, the reduction of machining errors can be achieved to meet the requirements of actual work.

During the work process, many factors of the machining center affect the machining accuracy of the part. Even if the same machining method is used, its accuracy is different under different working environments. If we unilaterally pursue the accuracy of parts processing, it will lead to a decrease in production efficiency and an increase in engineering costs. In order to meet the requirements of actual work, we must implement the application of a quality enhancement system to ensure effective work efficiency. Enhancement and effective control of production costs. In the working process, Gading 1 accuracy is specifically divided into shape accuracy, position accuracy, dimensional accuracy, etc. The level of processing accuracy changes needs to be judged by shape tolerance, position tolerance, and so on.

Through the application of the trial cutting method, the trial cutting of the processed surface can be performed. The non-metal machining can meet the requirements of the machining accuracy of the parts by measuring the dimensions obtained by the trial cutting.

Trial cutting method, that is, firstly cut out a small part of the processed surface, measure the size of the trial cutting, adjust the position of the cutting edge of the tool relative to the workpiece according to the processing requirements, then try cutting, and then test the child, so after two or three trial cutting and Measure and cut the entire surface to be processed when the size to be processed meets the requirements.

In the application process of the adjustment method, it needs to use prototypes and standard parts to achieve the adjustment of fixtures, machine tools, workpieces, etc., so as to improve the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. During the part processing, its part size remains unchanged, which is the specific meaning of the adjustment method. In practice, the machining of the shaft parts of the hexagonal automatic lathe and the hole grinding of the centerless grinder 7 belong to the scope of the adjustment method.

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