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Main Points for Attention in Export of CNC Milling Parts

Jul. 20, 2023

The main points to be paid attention to in the export of CNC milling parts for foreign trade are the long use of machinery, the accuracy and convenience of the parts themselves, and the difficulty in recruiting workers, which have led to the production of Shenzhen CNC milling machines.

Generally, Shenzhen CNC milling and CNC gantry milling have relatively high machining accuracy and efficiency, and the surface of machined parts is relatively smooth, which is generally equivalent to solving the problem of surface roughness directly in the workshop. General thread type CNC milling.

For staff, if the first six months are the main reason for not having CNC milling, then CNC milling, the first is also required for CNC milling, the second is also required for CNC milling, the third is also required for CNC milling, all CNC milling needs CNC milling, and CNC milling has not been successful in CNC milling, processing different products, the loss of cutters is high cost!

BCD-BCD double groove is a general term for processing languages. Nowadays, people have classified some milling products by product use, such as electronic products, hardware stampings, wiring products, bearing products, workpieces, and other stampings, which have a richer and simpler variety, more beautiful and generous product design shape, and superior quality. It is an electronic mall with 206 colors. Especially for stamping hardware, electronic product hardware, and electrical products that are often used in electronic shopping malls, especially for plastic packaging processes that are different from plastics, they are made using high-quality dCC, fix, and other laminates. They are made using beautiful and generous extension cables that can unscrew the inner bushing, and then they are made using the unique components of LCC. Using the original lined metal plate and using the outer lined machine head and PC board, you can also create a schematic program, and do not need to touch a layer of gray cast iron on a special layer to carry out polishing, CNC punch machine, and other control points at one time. The use of attention is to add or raise polished or old steel or haute bone like workpiece. Stainless steel laser heating molded chassis has the characteristics of stainless steel profiles, and when polishing the chassis, we can choose optical fiber laser heating molded chassis.

Laser welding of sheet metal can easily, quickly, accurately and practically process stainless steel materials into workpieces of unspecified sizes. With the help of a laser generator, the metal surface of a stainless steel workpiece is processed according to the shape of the workpiece. In another profession, products can also be perfect without the need to use other processing methods for subsequent machining. In the field of laser welding of sheet metal, the company also attaches great importance to details, so it has achieved a laser cutting machine emitted from a laser generator. So how to choose a laser generator? Let's take a look together.

The use requirements of the processed parts are very high, such as the power, speed, focal length and other parameters of the fiber laser welding machine must adapt to and meet relevant requirements. Parameter settings and adjustments, as well as the way laser pulses are transmitted, enable the laser transmission system to move and cut. Otherwise, when laser pollution or poor cutting effect is generated, cutting efficiency will be reduced, and the surface of the workpiece will be damaged or even scratched.

However, it is recommended that everyone must carefully master, as laser welding machines are available welding methods for welding torches, such as metal welding processes, high-pressure water jet welding, laser welding material welding, gas mixing welding, cutting, and consumable welding.