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How to purchase CNC aluminum parts

Jul. 19, 2023

How to purchase customized processing and design solutions for CNC aluminum parts Business activities TPM represents the meaning of the New Year OM What does OM mean? How does it distinguish consumer electronics.

☆ CNC machining: There are mainly two types of cutting tools for machining using CNC tools: rough machining and finishing.

☆ CNC machining: The tools used for clamping and positioning mainly include face chamfering and chamfering, which are first used for machining shorter tools. The tools used for drilling mainly include face chamfering and tangent chamfering, the former for lower cutting speeds, and the latter for higher working speeds. This should be noted when using.

Turning: The cutting speed of a drill bit is based on different machining methods and processing objects. In general, the faster the cutting speed, the faster the tool wear. At present, when the cutting speed of small spacing exceeds 150 m/min, the "Mount Taishan like" cutting is adopted, and the latter can become "Mount Taishan".

Dongtai Huaqiang Stainless Steel Products Factory is located in Ping'an Town, the hometown of stainless steel. Its main products include chemical anchor bolts, stainless steel standard parts, non-standard parts, and processing according to drawings and samples, expansion bolts, stainless steel nuts, stud bolts, teeth, U-bolts, stainless steel screws, stainless steel bolt bushings, etc. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, construction, bridges, steel structures, machinery, electric power, petrochemical, and other aspects. Stainless steel chemical bolt is a high-strength stainless steel material made of chromium and nonferrous materials, which is evenly distributed in its body. Due to its special corrosion resistance and diversity, its application range has been greatly expanded. Its main products include: Chemical Down Hardness Tester, Strong Stainless Steel Fasteners, Chemical Wire Threads, Boden Shoulders, High Temperature Stainless Steel Fasteners, Heat and Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Fasteners. Mechanical, electronic, and other materials have strong corrosion resistance, strong acid resistance, high temperature resistance, and good coating performance. With an effective treatment effect of over 70%, the product can maintain a geometric shape in strong corrosion for a long time, effectively ensuring the product's service performance.

2. Industrial stainless steel fasteners mainly include special specifications for acid, alkali, corrosion, and high temperature resistant alloy steel fasteners, bolts, and other main hexagon socket screws, as well as their quality assurance. It can be divided into: hot galvanizing (cold galvanizing), surface phosphating (vacuum galvanizing), and mechanical galvanizing. Common industrial uses include screws, studs, nuts, screws, studs, nuts, washers, pull rivets, assemblies, and connecting pairs.

1. The factory temperature of hot dip galvanized power equipment reaches the set one hour temperature of 920 ° C. Hot dip galvanized power equipment uses 230 ° CF and 600 ° CF electronic pipes on some rotating shafts, and the temperature of the electronic pipe can reach two digits.

Mechanical parts: various types of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycle industry, agricultural machinery and sports equipment industry,

Springs and fasteners: Fasteners are widely used components in industrial machinery and are the driving force for social progress.

Other industry products: aircraft carriers, robots, material platforms, injection molded parts; Automobile inspection tools; Hardware tools; Electronic parts;

Hardware tools: hand tools, electric tools, pneumatic tools, locks, auto parts; Rubber products; building material.