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How to divide the procedure of CNC machining

Mar. 31, 2022

we always talk about the procedure details to our clients, and before we start producing a part, our engineer needs to make a quality/ cost savings program for it, some part is easy and only one working procedure need, but most of the parts need one more, so this article gives the simple introduction of it.

Numerical control processes can be divided according to the following methods 

1, Centralized tool sorting method, which is, according to the tool used to divide the process, with the same tool processing all parts of products can be completed. Then use a second knife and a third knife to do whatever else they can. This can reduce the number of tool changes, compressed air time, reduce unnecessary positioning errors.

2, According to the sequence of machining parts, the machining part can be divided into several positions, such as inner shape, outer shape, curved surface or plane, etc. . Generally, the plane and positioning surface is processed firstly, then the holes; the simple geometry is processed firstly, then the complex one; the parts with lower precision are processed firstly, and then the parts with higher precision are processed.

3, For parts that are prone to deforming by rough and finish machining, it is necessary to correct the shape due to the possible deforming after rough machining, therefore, in general, those who want to carry out rough, finish processing will be separated from the process.

To sum up, the division process must be based on the parts of the structure and process, the function of the machine tool, the number of parts CNC processing content, installation times and the production organization of the unit's flexible grasp. In addition, it is suggested to adopt the principle of process centralization or the principle of process decentralization, which should be determined according to the actual situation, but must be reasonable.

Xu Feng provide CNC machining for nearly 20 years, so our engineers have rich experience in program making, they will help you to find the best way to produce a part, just only you provide us with the drawing file or a sample of the part.  And any questions about the procedure, feel free to contact us for the details.