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How to Reduce the Noise During Precision Machining?

May. 06, 2020

As a CNC Machining Cutting Service Supplier, share with you. Now the factory involves precision machining, all of which are index-controlled machining, such as: CNC milling machine, machining center, CNC grinder, CNC drilling machine, CNC EDM machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, wire cutting and so on.

As a key technology in the manufacturing industry, precision machining technology has always been the focus of manufacturing technology research and development in countries around the world.

Precison CNC Machined Parts

Precison CNC Machined Parts

Custom Precision Machining's traditional products are gradually moving towards the reverse of the development of automation and high precision, and began to produce precision equipment parts such as computer processors, integrated circuits, measurement and inspection tools, etc. This means that China's precision machinery is no longer a single machine Discipline, but blending with various disciplines to form a new science.

But there is one point, our precision machinery processing will produce some noise, how do we need to reduce these noises?

We need to reduce our noise as much as possible through the following points.

1. Production must be more standardized

Over 30% of gear transmission noise is caused by burrs and bumps. Some precision machinery parts processing factories remove burrs and bumps before assembling the gearbox. This is a passive approach.

2. The accuracy of the gear needs to be guaranteed

The accuracy of the size of the gear hole is required to be distributed around the middle difference of the hole deviation value, and is set at ± 0.003 ~ ± 0.005mm; if it exceeds the tolerance and is within the design requirements of the hole, it must be classified and transferred to the gear cutting process.

The basic requirements of gear accuracy: after practical verification, the gear accuracy must be controlled at GB10995-887 ~ 8, the linear speed is higher than 20m / s gear, the tooth pitch limit deviation, the ring gear radial runout tolerance, tooth direction tolerance must be stable Level 7 accuracy.

First of all, there are certain shortages in many parts themselves. For example, some of them do not meet the requirements in appearance, and some have limited scope of application. In short, these parts themselves have certain defects and are in the process of application. Lieutenant General will bring certain achievements and troubles to my industrial consumption. The parts processed by fine machinery can suppress these achievements very well, so as to discover the common value of the parts themselves.

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