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How important is the design of CNC milling parts

Jul. 28, 2023

How important is the design of CNC milled parts products? What materials must be referenced for these? What materials do these have? These materials all have all the problems caused by designer and mechanical productivity. There are two main reasons for this situation.

SOONEMOCu is mainly suitable for rapid and precise machining of molds, automotive molds, measuring and cutting tools, hydraulic molds, etc. It can also process various irregular jobs. In particular, "small batch CNC" molds using large molds have the advantages of high accuracy, small size, easy operation, and good in-phase stability.

Qinghai Futani innovative design team conducts independent research and development on the structure and performance of machine tools in the sheet metal workshop, through independent research and development of gear boxes and machining.

The Bote Rec measurement and control project focuses on maintenance and regular maintenance of the machine tool to improve the use efficiency of CNC engraving and milling machines; According to the requirements of production management.

According to the normal maintenance characteristics of the machine tool, apply Haite's FANUC system to program, process, and process CNC engraving and milling machines;

Help panel furniture manufacturers quickly produce and process steel furniture, achieve the combination of all-weather unmanned paint baking rooms, and achieve the highest production and processing accuracy of hand board production efficiency;

Compared to manually debugging equipment on the injection molding production line before starting the machine, the injection molding machine has a good arc reduction, making it safer and more convenient to adjust the machine, which is more conducive to improving production efficiency, and has a higher degree of automation, which is more conducive to more convenient management. The baking furnace does not require manual loading and unloading, and is suitable for making various molds.

With high machine quality, that is, high-quality products required by customers are processed by the manufacturer. Select a brand with relatively affordable prices to do it, as the equipment will not have defects, which can ensure that the quality and quantity of the product can be guaranteed during the initial investment. Fine workmanship and overall environmental protection process. What problems will the manufacturer encounter and how to handle them?

3. Capable of operating a tonnage punch, capable of punching more than 2500 times per minute. The mold stamping speed is very fast, from the stamping stroke per minute (mm.

4. There will be some electromagnetic presses, and some operators may sometimes experience severe wear on the punch head of the press. In this case, immediately stop using them, and if necessary, label them with SMT.

1. Firstly, ensure the machining accuracy of the convex and concave molds, including the accuracy of position and shape. (1) If pre bending.

Take out the arc and linear segments separately at one time to ensure the amount of the blade in the arc state. This type of workpiece is not important and is prone to fracture.

Perform the entire process of breaking points and edge passivation for materials, such as selecting separate edges of tensile strength steel with a hardness higher than 45 # steel.

There are two exposed semicircular shapes protruding from low-carbon steel, while the guide type is a semicircular tensile strength steel without deposits or without quenching and tempering.

At the joints of circular pipes or tail pipes, ferrite with the same process load and unique transition joint forms are selected to solve the problem of adjacent joints Φ The 6 ° C gap - left and right internal shear holding can reduce the drop in pipe diameter, enabling it to be installed on the riser, and the joint -+4 ° C. At the same time, it can also use the "round pipe clamping" technology for nearly half a year, effectively solving the problem of a pipe bending or elliptical bending design.