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Will Deformation Problems Occur in Machined Parts?

Apr. 20, 2020

In the processing of hardware and machinery parts, the deformation of parts is very easy to appear. In the process of processing, the shape change of mechanical parts is inevitable, but we must control the range of mechanical deformation of parts. The internal force status of mechanical processing is an important factor that affects the processing accuracy. During the mechanical processing process, due to the influence of the four-chuck chuck of the lathe, some parts will be affected by the clamping force. This control function with centripetal force can promote the mechanical carry out reasonable processing of parts.

CNC Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

After the jaws are released, there is a big difference between the shape of the processed CNC Aluminum Milling Parts and the original machined parts, and a relatively large shape deviation occurs, generally showing an elliptical shape. In order to avoid rough deformation during the machining process It is necessary to carry out heat treatment of mechanical parts, so as to achieve effective control of mechanical deformation. In the course of finishing operations, it is necessary to do a good job in the clamping of parts and components, do the related grinding and processing links, and do a good job in controlling the reference surface of the finishing. In the post-processing process, it is necessary to carry out the deviation control of the inner hole of the boring machine to meet the requirements of actual work.

In the grinding surface, it is necessary to do effective positioning processing control. In the actual construction of CNC Milling Service Provide Company, some precision turning boring machines are also inaccurate. This machine tool processing method is not conducive to the control of the processing size and accuracy of mechanical parts. , It is difficult to meet the work requirements of the expected drawings. In order to solve this problem, the application of new processing methods must be carried out, and the mechanical processing of heat treatment precision turning must be done to meet the requirements of actual work.

After the heat treatment of the hardware and machinery parts, a series of parts deformation will also appear. Some light and thin mechanical parts have a relatively small length. After a series of processing and heat treatments, placing them for a period of time may cause straw hat-shaped bending changes. This kind of bending is called straw hat-shaped bending. Through the development of the experimental inspection work, the plane of the part becomes too large, with a relatively long radius, and some parts are deformed due to their own internal stress. In order to solve the actual work requirements, the amount of internal stress must be controlled to maintain Its single-balance condition improves the overall stability of parts.

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