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Custom Aluminum Machining Parts

Jul. 25, 2019

Aluminum is the common material in the industrial metal usage which is economical, light weight and attractive.
Also parts made from Aluminum are often cost-saving because they has good machining characters for less time than other metals such as steel .
and it is also a good conductor of electricity and heat ,making it ideal for heat sinks ,relfects heat and light ect.
Alloy aluminum series
aluminum alloy 2000 series , main models are 2024, 2A16 (LY16), 2A02 (LY6). The characteristics of 2000 series aluminum is high hardness.
aluminum rod 2000 series  belongs to aviation aluminum. 
aluminum alloy 3000 series  ,main models are 3003, 3A21 
aluminum alloy 5000 series ,main models are 5052、5005、5083、5A05 which are commonly used in aluminum alloy series.
aluminum alloy 6000 series,main model is 6061which are more commonly used in aluminum alloy series,it  mainly contains magnesium and silicon elements.
aluminum alloy 7000 series ,main model is 7075 mainly contain zinc. Also belong to the aviation series.
aluminum alloy 8000 series ,main model is 8011.
aluminum alloy 9000 series is a spare alloy.

Custom Aluminum Machining PartsCustom Aluminum Machining Parts