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How to control the milling effect of high hardness materials in CNC machining?

Dec. 23, 2019

CNC Turning Milling Parts for high-hardness materials are usually processed by CBN solid tools, CBN cutter heads or ceramic tools, which are often referred to as hard cutting. The new process of hard cutting can cut hardened steel, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, powder metallurgy and special materials. Of course, some materials such as bronze are not suitable for hard cutting. Hard cutting technology can also be used for turning, surface machining, tapping, milling, grooving, master machining, turning cones, etc. Processing of steel materials with hardness exceeding 56HRC, or strength exceeding Rm> 2000N / mm2, we generally call it hard cutting.

CNC Turning Milling Parts

CNC Turning Milling Parts

The success of hard milling usually involves many factors. Today, let us follow CNC Milling Parts Manufacturer to understand what are the factors, so that everyone can have a clear machining idea when encountering hard cutting workpieces.

Milled steel-63 Rockwell hardness, 6000 rpm, 100 inches / minute, 0.012 per pass.

The first important factor to consider in milling is the structure of your machine. So in order to achieve the ideal hard milling effect, we first need a very robust machine with a high degree of vibration reduction.

Hard milling CNC machines require stiffness provided by a granite working machine or polymer concrete and cast steel structures

Generally speaking, machines made of polymer concrete have the cushioning capabilities of many machines made of cast iron. At the same time, it is important to have a CNC controller that can handle the dynamic requirements of constant and fast acceleration and deceleration!

The solid granite processing table makes it a rigid hard milling machine.

The next thing to talk about is the clamping of the spindle and the tool. These are two very different things, but their use is closely related.

First you need a rigid rotor! If your spindle is beating, the most concentric and best tool holder in the world will only help you. That said, combining a high-speed spindle with the best tool can produce unexpected results.

HSK series tool holders are one of the most popular tool holders in hard milling because of its interface with the spindle for increased rigidity and concentricity.

Hard milling spindles and toolholders should be selected based on rigidity and low runout. In processing, we found HSK's tool holding system to be very effective!

Of course, we must not forget the tool itself. We have also done some investigations and found that there are many mold makers tailoring specific tools for hard milling. But we have not been too convinced of these parameters. Most of these mold makers have experts who can help select materials and specific processing tools, and we can take advantage of these services to save us time and increase efficiency. At the same time, cutting tools selected for hard milling applications must be coated to withstand the high heat and extreme friction associated with these materials. Our company also provides CNC Aluminum Milling Serivce, welcome to consult.