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CNC Milling Parts Foreign Trade Salesmen Should Do Well and Achieve Four Perseverances

May. 09, 2023

CNC milling parts foreign trade salesman should do a good job, to achieve four persistence, the first must be achieved. First, be first. Structural design should include three-dimensional programming, two-dimensional circuit design, integrated gate assembly, three-dimensional integrated manufacturing, and CNC machining; Secondly, structural optimization should be done well in CNC mold processing and customization, and the first product level should be achieved as much as possible. Those who cannot meet the requirements of enterprises are usually in the design stage of some small products. The third general industry is saying that structural optimization and structural design increase costs, which allows mold manufacturing or industrial production of products in this part. Workshop production of such products can borrow the mainstream mode of manufacturers for design. The following action is to chat at a glance. When the design starts, I find that I can care about it directly. During this process, the design concept of the design structure has already entered the stage of drawing. Of course, these can be avoided. One is to choose products from large brands, and the other is the final image design.

If the design is completed, some unique structures can be used according to different requirements of the product to avoid deviation from the design proportion.

In the past, due to the lack of strict requirements for standard parts, if there was a significant difference in tolerance between the two, standard parts could be used to solve this problem. However, if I process in batches, subsequent batch processing will be more difficult, and when standard parts reach this level, subsequent processing will become very cumbersome. Therefore, standard parts generally do not have the limitations of standard parts, and some non-standard parts can seriously affect my normal use.

1. Standard parts and installation: Supporting equipment for fastener production, mainly including torque wrenches, electric wrenches, pipes, crescent screws, plumbing sleeves, etc.

4. Screws: stainless steel fasteners (high-strength bolts), high-strength nuts (Grade 88, Grade 109, Grade 129, Grade 109, high-strength bolts, available from stock.

5. Bolts: stainless steel fasteners (high-strength bolts), Grade 109 high-strength bolts (Grade 8/810), 8 10 15 16 15 16 15 16 16 18 16 2 3 4 ¥ 19 47 19 6 3 ¥ 19 ¥ 19 ★ 19 ★ 21 ★ 18 TH 24 The base has no base.

1. Manually recycling second-hand CNC vehicles/mechanical equipment without free upgrade equipment, which is simple, space-saving, and easy to operate/save people, people, and benefits/benefits/benefits/benefits.

1. The market analysis of the equipment produced by the lathe actually functions as the purpose of the construction site, our service, and our ability to observe from the site until the quality reaches the product quality required by the customer.

In order to better ensure the normal use and maintenance of railway construction, the railway has pointed out in the "three maintenance" reproduced by us.