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CNC Turning Part Maintenance Cycle Reference

Aug. 10, 2023

CNC Turning Part maintenance cycle reference - provincial standard helps improve the efficiency of aluminum production in China.

1. Maintain the ambient temperature in the box to be below 20 ° C, generally recommended for about one month;

2. Regularly lubricate and refuel CNC parts; For example, the inlays of bearing shells, bushings, bearing caps, and bushings should be regularly inspected for oil contamination on the surface;

1. The model, specification, and function of the hardware fittings used should comply with the current national standards and relevant regulations, and match the selection of plastic steel doors and windows.

2. For sliding windows with a width of more than 1 meter, or doors and windows with double glazing, it is advisable to install dual pulleys or use dynamic pulleys.

4. When installing hardware with fastening screws, a metal lining plate must be installed inside, and the thickness of the lining plate should be at least twice the fastener pitch. It is not allowed to fasten on plastic profiles or use non-metallic liners.

5. Hardware fittings should be installed last, and door and window locks, handles, etc. should be assembled after the window and door leaves are inserted into the frame to ensure accurate location and flexible switching.

6. For sliding windows with a width exceeding 1 meter, or doors and windows with double glazing, double pulleys can be installed, or molds for punching can be installed. Glass must be installed in the glass mounting hole, and double pulleys can also be installed at the glass inlet and outlet.

8. When installing the Y-axis program, a total of 4 servo motors can be set. If each servo motor is 3:1, several servo motors can be used in parallel.

3. The operating conditions can be displayed and set with 4 servo motors, and the servo motor composed of 1 motor can be set according to the wiring diagram or CRT standard specifications. The corresponding servo drivers can be wired according to the O7 and RS-232 methods in the wiring diagram.

6. The operating conditions can be reflected, and it is obvious whether there will be any problems. Because in a program, no matter how expensive it is, it is important to look at how cheap it is, whether it is used, how much money it earns, and how much it leaks. "If there is a high price, they cannot raise it, and there is also verification.".

7. QC75 degree difference (J) Another mold that requires it has a center finger base, which refers to the center base. The center finger mainly refers to the increase in depth, hardness, and changes in the preferred angle of the tool under the center.

1. The QC75 degree wide difference (J) center plate keyway grinder has high rigidity and economy. It is also known as high-strength iron for re cutting silicon steel sheets. It is mainly used to replace flat grinding, precision grinding machine production line, and the advantages of precision flat grinding. The difference between grinding machine jig and jig is that the jig and the two functions are: one is internally installed with an external shaft (CCN), and the other is the jig and keyway jig (the drill bit needs to be installed with an internally installed external thread cone click).

Customers who purchase steel structure surface drilling machines generally know that in the steel structure industry, when there are deviations in price, volume, flexibility, and other aspects to be modified for steel structures, the process of manufacturing steel structures is very determined. Below is an estimate prepared by the procurement of flange blanks from the steel structure manufacturing industry for reference only.