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Why Can CNC Turning Part Make Good Orders?

Jun. 05, 2023

Why Can CNC Turning Part Make Good Orders? A complete list of CNC lathe specifications. Based on the calculation of your vehicle, weight, and kilogram, the larger the CNC lathe specification, the larger the kilogram, the larger the CNC lathe specification;

CNC numerical control lathe is a digital program controlled turning and milling machine, which is an automatic processing device. Using the rotating parts that can rotate the spindle of the machine tool to achieve fixed processing technology is difficult and complex, with high accuracy requirements and technical requirements. If the accuracy is not high and the size is not accurate, the spindle box, tool rest, and tailstock will be selected for the corresponding feeding system.

Products are widely used in: automotive engines, gearboxes, compressors, engineering machinery, medical, drilling machines, woodworking machinery, rubber machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery, new retail and other industries.

Installation and use of linear guide rail. Its own and outer shell are made of high-strength cast iron, and its support and base are welded with enlarged structural members (internal disks) or electrical components. With high accuracy and rigidity, it can avoid adverse effects caused by equipment vibration, and is mainly suitable for the installation of low-speed reciprocating machinery.

Both the ball screw and the ball screw are this thing. The inner circulation part is a ball screw. In order to improve the stability of the screw, the two ends of the screw are divided into two cycles according to the outer circulation. The size of each screw on the driver is greatly different, so the installation position of the screw is only at the machine height, and can be directly connected to the screw.

The ball screw is actually the place where the rolling load is applied, and preloading on the spiral surface of the screw will not affect the axial or radial freedom of the screw. In a lead screw processing plant, during reverse transmission, the rotating reverse force is transmitted to the moving parts by the centering device of the lead screw, and then the ball screw is sealed from the screw nut end to the lead screw.

Two preloading methods for straightening hollow ball screws are optional. The following is a corresponding test that found that excessive preloading of ball screws is greater than solving the torque loss of the deployment tube, requiring adjustment of the drive bearing;

(1) When disassembling the pre tightening ball screw at the end, electric wrench can be used to loosen the nut for further pre tightening.

(2) When removing the pre tensioned ball screw at the end, it is possible to use a key to fit the sleeve for rotation. The nut can be loosened, the ball screw nut can be loosened, and the nut can be loosened. We can choose an electric wrench with pre tightening function or a straight handle electric wrench. The contact surface between the taper shank of the casing and the finished product is large. Due to the short length of the nut processed by the special milling machine for lathe processing, its stroke is 0 mm. The upper set of sleeve holes can be loosened so that the lathe action is marked z in the next article.

Before passing the preliminary review of electric wrenches, in addition to daily operation and maintenance, all pneumatic components must be inspected to ensure correct installation, and all pneumatic components must also be inspected to ensure their normal operation.

After confirmation and inspection, connect the air source, and then idle for 2-3 minutes to observe whether the pressure gauge sends a signal normally.