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Selection of new CNC Turning Part is important

May. 16, 2023

The selection of new CNC Turning Part is very important. According to customer prediction (823), the essence of Keli cells is preferred for continuous multi engineering, which leads to the formation of continuously updated parts, thus minimizing the difference between machine tools and engineering.

Using a Hastelloy force calculator can greatly reduce material waste. Indeed, increasing efficiency from the initial 50% to 66% helps companies spend more time, thereby increasing production. Due to the efficient unit operating strength of the Hastelloy force calculator, it can greatly reduce the number of processes, thereby improving machining accuracy and quality.

The functions of the Hastelloy force calculator include confidential diagnosis, no-load diagnosis, NC tool change function, measurement display, automatic calibration connection, marking points, tool life evaluation, and other functions.

Compared to the CNC high-precision oil and gas pump, the efficiency of the oil and gas pump is 5-10 times that of a conventional kerosene gas turbine, while the oxygen pump can add 50 tap water to the oil storage tank. Due to the large pressure loss, once the nitrogen limit is reached after a one-year warranty for the entire machine_ Level 1 maintenance is required after 10 hours.

Leakage/pollution/nitridation: molecular weight decreases, material particles decrease, nitrogen escape decreases, benzene distribution increases significantly.

High process temperature: Ultrafine dirt may appear after nitriding/waste heat treatment, resulting in reduced life of high-temperature molds.

Basic temperature: 1~+1810 ° C. 2 ~+1820 °C。 3~+1760 ° (suitable.

The maximum pressure of the workpiece, which ensures that the workpiece and tool are closely related to the cutting amount. Therefore, the inclination angle of the tool tip to the finishing tool, as well as the high cutting speed and the ability of the inclination angle. It is difficult to achieve their normal range of use for the lowest and smallest blade inclination angles and for larger blade inclination angles. However, using a tungsten or molybdenum blade angle is a good choice.

Tungsten cutting tools (used for precision machining of high-speed and wear-resistant nonferrous metals and various types of nonferrous metals) refer to the corresponding blade inclination angle (typically 90 degrees).

In addition, tungsten cutters also have a jump zero point, and tungsten steel cutters can perform uniform milling with uniform cutters within a narrow radius. The machined surface of tungsten steel can achieve an infinite diamond finish;

The service life and improvement speed of tungsten steel tools comprehensively optimize efficiency, and the tool life forms a consistent curve with the processing material and surface.

In order to stabilize the cemented carbide produced, it should be as large and small as possible. In addition, the tool tip should be matched with a soft and flat tool (workpiece) as much as possible to extend the tool life.

Tungsten steel is a relatively soft material, commonly used for rough machining, with a relatively large machining cross-section and large workpiece machining allowance, so it is called rough machining.

When machining with a tungsten steel milling cutter, the cutting edge of the tungsten steel milling cutter is multi abrasive and the cutting edge is in continuous contact, which will increase the wear of the tungsten steel milling cutter.