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CNC Turning Part industry space further opened

May. 10, 2023

The CNC Turning Part industry has further opened up its space, and under the influence of the performance of new materials in the market, the market of the domestic CNC Turning Part industry has greatly improved. How to open the market and achieve an e-commerce platform for the CNC Turning Part industry at home and abroad? Leading trading companies want to: How to find a more specific and suitable CNC Turning Part processing manufacturer. First of all, to find the required machining parts processing

The process design of CNC Turning Part involves engineering machinery processing, casting, high-speed railway load processing, ship lifting and transportation, and engineering vehicle transformation projects.

Mechanical processing refers to technical machine tools that use machinery to accurately process, including drawing, forging, mechanical processing, electrical discharge machining, flame cutting, laser processing, wire cutting, electrical discharge machining, etc. of ordinary lathes. General processing includes mechanical processing and handicraft processing, such as stamping, clamping, wire rubbing, grinding, and grinding, grinding, wire cutting, drilling, and sawing machines. A wire cutting machine tool is a functional component that can be used for high-precision machining of three-dimensional contour edges, as well as for machining conical or irregular surfaces.

The installation of bearings should be selected as appropriate as possible and ensure the installation quality on the same group of bearings. Generally, the types of bearings include the components of the straight support XYZ axis, the structural design of the connecting block, the structural design of the switch and stop, and the preload design.

Standard and fixed number of bearings, bearing model, specification, shortage degree, etc. The degree of shortage directly affects the bearing life. For example, NSKC bearings, Rman deep groove ball bearings, wear bearings, angular contact ball bearings, etc.

Under the action of output current and without being affected by surge noise, the harmonic reducer has low inertia and high stiffness bearings, which can increase the rotational speed of the main shaft and increase its service life by 100% compared to ordinary bearings. The harmonic reducer depends on the stator blade.

For applications in hard turning, the installation of CNC tools and CNC lathe tools is more suitable, with the main parameters being X-axis, radial runout, axial runout, radial circular runout, axial runout, end circular runout, R-axis rotation, and one-time clamping of R-axis, which can complete complex machining such as drilling, milling, expanding, reaming, and tapping. Machinable cast iron, steel, and various types of high-strength cast iron, heat resistant alloy, quenched steel, and cast iron, heat resistant alloy, nodularizing agent, quenching, lining, Machinable heat resistant steel, heat resistant cast iron, and heat resistant steel.

Production process: forging blank; Forging die blanks; Use of metal blanks and molds; Automotive parts and gluing.

Heat treatment: forging process drawing, mold process, inlaying, tempering, heat treatment, mold opening, and surface strengthening processes; Seven tests include tempering, heat treatment, mold opening, heat treatment, tempering, sintering, and thermal self inspection.